Inovamar, S.A. is the company leading the consortium set up for the Blue Bioeconomy Pact (Pacto da Bioeconomia Azul).

Inovamar is jointly owned by companies heading the verticals of the Pact, which are the end users of the projects with investments in production under the consortium and by Sociedade Francisco Manuel dos Santos. These include:

  • Amorim Cork Composites (AMORIM Group)
  • ETSA (SEMAPA Group)
  • MC Shared Services (SONAE Group)
  • Necton
  • Oceano Fresco
  • TMG

Inovamar is responsible for contacts with the entities managing the Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP) and for liaison between the 83 members of the consortium and the Portuguese state. 

In its role as leader, in the various activities involved in communication and management of the consortium, it coordinates its work with the companies heading the verticals of the Pact in the context of the governance model of this Blue Bioeconomy Pact.